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Pepperoni Innovation



Crispy Basaak Dough

Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside,

Crispy Basak Dough is born!

Through extensive testing and attentive customer feedback, we've achieved the ultimate texture and flavor for your satisfaction.

From production to delivery at the GOPIZZA Dough Innovation Center, we uphold unwavering quality standards, ensuring you consistently relish the delightful crispy texture and exquisite flavor of our dough!




Using only the finest ingredients, our journey begins with our signature crispy basak dough, made with precision-selected components. Each pizza is then adorned with GOPIZZA's authentic tomato sauce imported directly from Italy and topped with 100% natural cheese.

To elevate your experience, we offer an array of fresh, exclusive toppings exclusive to GOPIZZA.

Savor the delightful blend of healthiness and flavor in every bite. Enjoy the goodness of our delicious pizza!

Meat Sauce



Introducing GOVEN, the exclusive AI oven at GOPIZZA, meticulously designed for an unparalleled pizza experience.

With precision temperature control, GOVEN ensures the perfect heat for each delectable pizza, delivering a truly personalized and satisfying bite-sized adventure.


AI Smart Topping Table

Experience the magic of our smart topping table, where AI technology swiftly identifies and selects each topping ingredient in real time. Even newcomers can effortlessly master its operation!


Indulge in the consistent delight of identical quantity and flavor, regardless of your location. Prepare for a fail-proof journey that ensures culinary satisfaction worldwide!

Smart Topping Table


GOBOT Station


Introducing the epitome of GOPIZZA robotics, the revolutionary GOBOT Station. This cutting-edge marvel is designed to assist our staffs with a multitude of tasks, from expertly handling cutting attachments to keeping the pizza warm until the staff serve it to the customers.

As our GOBOT Station diligently crafts your perfect pizza, why not take a moment to immerse yourself in the warm embrace of the GOPIZZA family?

Engage in delightful conversations and savor the camaraderie that accompanies our exceptional creations.

K-Jajangmyung Pizza

At GOPIZZA, our mission is to enhance both the efficiency and joy of our work, which is why technological advancement is paramount in our development efforts.

We firmly believe that the key to delivering exceptional products to our customers lies in ensuring the happiness of the individuals who craft them.

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